Gold Investing Mistakes You Should Always Avoid


Investing always carries risks so to a particular extent whether you must consider gold investing or not based on how risk reluctant you really are. Some people would argue that it’s safer to stick with more conventional kinds of investing like shares and stocks whereas others could take the view that in the turbulent and uncertain global economic climate, it is risky not invest in gold. There is a way to reduce the risks involved in investing in gold through avoiding some common mistakes that most inexperienced investors make. 

Never Invest Just for Short Term

Consider a long-term view. There’s much more likelihood of making decent returns if you do this. Even if gold continues to increase its value in the long run, it has a background of fluctuation on its short-term price. Once you buy gold online today and there’s a chance that you might need to liquidate your investment in a few months, weeks or a year, you might find yourself selling this for less than you paid. 

One of the most important factors is to consider the spread. The price when you purchase will include the dealer costs so you’ll immediately be out of the money in comparison to what you might then sell it for. If this precious yellow metal happens to be going through a consolidation when you make a transaction, you might need to wait for a while before getting a breakeven position.

Investing in gold for a short term basis must be avoided. However, if you’re prepared to make a medium to long term investment, the history shows that the odds are stacked in your favor. For this reason, you must not invest in gold with the funds that you can’t afford to risk. 

Consider Coins Not Jewelry

Never depend on jewelry as your means of gold investment This won’t give the perfect ROI or return on investment because the gold jewelry’s value is determined by the factors aside from the gold’s spot price. Not all could fall in love with a certain piece like you did. Gold coins can offer you better ROI. Just never purchase rare numismatic gold coins without doing research. There are tons of bandits searching to sell forgeries and fakes to uninformed and inexperienced investors. Due to this, it’s far safer to purchase standard gold coins.

Only Purchase from a Reliable and Reputable Source

Gold investing becomes a bit risky when you do not purchase from a trustworthy, reliable, and recommended source. Today, there are individuals who will call you with the different tempting offers. Others might be legitimate, yet for sure some will not be and you will not know which until it is too late. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then, it probably is. My favorite recently for fair prices and good service is Durham Precious Metals

Avoiding those mistakes when investing in gold will not just give you results, but also it will save your money and time from the scam artists over the internet.

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What Should You Know about Google Penalties


Google penalties are the negative impact on the search rankings of the website on the updates to the search algorithms of Google and manual review. The penalties may be an unfortunate by-product of algorithm updates or an intentional penalization for different black hat SEO techniques. 

Google penalizes the websites for engaging in practices, which are against the webmaster guidelines. Such penalties can be due to manual review and algorithm updates like Google Penguin Google penalties may also result in the drop of the rankings for each site’s page for a specific page or keyword. Any drop in the rankings brings with it a major drop in the traffic of the website. To determine if the website is affected by Google penalties, the website owners may use Google Webmaster Tools and analyze the timing of the traffic drop with the timing of the Google updates.

History of Google Penalties

Google continues to update its algorithm for as long as it is fighting the organic search results’ manipulation. But, up until the 10th of May 2012, when Google launched the update for Google Penguin, a lot of people thought backlinks that are low quality wouldn’t affect their ranks negatively. While this perspective was common, it wasn’t correct as Google is applying link-based penalties for several years, yet not made it public on how the company dealt and approached with what they refer to as link spam. Since this time, there’s a wider acknowledgment regarding the dangers of a forensic analysis of the backlinks and bad SEO to make sure that there are no links that are harmful.

Link-Based Google Penalties

Generally, penalties are due to manipulative backlinks, which are basically intended to favor other companies in search results through adding links, the companies break the terms and conditions of Google. Once Google discovers those links, it imposes the penalties to discourage some companies from following the practice and to get rid of any gains that might have been enjoyed from these links. See this Youtube Video for more info

Google penalizes also those that took part in the manipulation as well as helped some companies through linking to them. Such kinds of companies are frequently low-quality directories that are listed a link to the company website with a manipulative anchor text for a particular fee. Google also urges that these pages give no value to the internet and as a result, they are often deindexed. Those links are frequently referred to as the paid links.

How to Deal with Google Penalties

Google encouraged the companies to reform their bad practices. As results, they demand that the efforts are taken to get rid of the manipulative links. Google also launched a Disavow tool on the 16th of October 2012 so people can quickly report to Google about the bad links they have. The tool was mainly in response to a lot of reports regarding negative SEO where the companies are being targeted with some manipulative links by the competitors knowing well that they’d be penalized in the end.

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The Appeal of Donald Trump

The Appeal of Donald Trump

With the election only days away, it is still hard to try and explain the appeal of Donald Trump.  No longer just a sideshow, his personality and politics have thrust him in the center of the spotlight that is American politics.  What is his appeal, why are his campaign stops heavily attended?  Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that launched Trump to the head of the Republican pack despite being such a divisive character.

He’s an Outsider

There is no doubt Americans are sick of the political establishment and there is no doubt that Donald Trump is an anti-establishment candidate.  The surge of the Tea Party movement on the right and the Occupy Movement on the left, that both started back in 2010 outline just how dissatisfied the average person is with both parties.  His popularity may have less to do with his personal charisma and more to do with the political climate in the country.

Simple Answers

When it comes to questions about fixing the economy, immigration, foreign policy or any of the complex issues that leave the US deeply divided, Trump responds with a simplistic issue.  It doesn’t seem to matter that Trump is wrong more often than he is right it doesn’t seem to affect his popularity.  Here are some examples, on the issue of illegal immigration, build a wall.  Need to combat Muslim extremism, track all Muslims in a database.  No matter how unrealistic the answer, it is simple and given with authority.

Racism and Immigration

Many of his supporters share his views on immigration and he’s hugely popular with those who use immigrants as a convenient scapegoat for the current economic woes.  No matter how much data there is to the contrary most Trump supporters believe immigrants weaken society.  Despite more than his fair share of racist remarks along with an endorsement from the KKK his support is still unwavering.  Here is a video of some of his more racist remarks.

He Speaks His Mind

This has been one of the most common remarks when people speak of Donald Trump, his fans admire him because “he speaks his mind”.  Trump makes statements that are factually incorrect and derogatory comments have come back to haunt him.  Despite all of that he has managed to shrug them off when they would have absolutely destroyed any other candidate.  Trump comes from the world of reality television and has used that experience to manage his presidential run and so far it has worked for him.

Trying to  explain to the world the appeal of Donald Trump still leaves many wondering how he made it this far.  Despite all the remarks, the litigation and the misogynistic comments, there is still a decent chance he could become President Trump.

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Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

Each and every election cycle there are people who aren’t thrilled with either candidate put forth by the two political parties, and the debate begins as to whether you should consider a third party candidate.  Is it a moral stance or a wasted vote guaranteeing the worst of the two frontrunners wins?  With the election only a couple of days away it is time to answer that question and what voting for the lesser of two evils really means.

Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

There hasn’t been an election in history with two candidates as incredibly unpopular as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The idea of being told to vote for someone you find morally objectionable in order to minimize harm doesn’t sit well with many voters and understandably so.  Thus you are left with the moral dilemma of not wanting to endorse a candidate you believe to be morally corrupt, and voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

The Mud Slinging

American politics is unique around the world in its use of negative ads, scandal making and general mudslinging.  This election both candidates have had plenty to work with.   The Clinton campaign has been plagued by the email scandal for more than two years and with only two weeks before the election the FBI announces yet another investigation, only to retract the statement days before the election to say they will not be investigating.  Make no mistake that Donald Trump and the Republican Party jumped on the opportunity to claim there is yet more evidence of Hillary’s corruption.  He jumped at the chance to claim Hillary is a liar that should be in jail.

Yet, there is a saying about people and glass houses that applies.  The Trump campaign is no shining bastion of American moralism either and they have had their own scandals to apologize for.  From the moment he has announced his candidacy Trump has been loud, brash and anything but politically correct.  He has split the Republican Party more effectively than any Democrat ever could.  Republican leadership have failed to support him and many high profile Republicans, like the Bush Family have thrown their support behind Hillary.

Where Does that Leave You?

Yes there are third party candidates like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson but both sit with less than 5% support and there is some validity to the argument that this is throwing away your vote.

Regardless, someone will be elected on Tuesday and which ever candidate you end up supporting you need to get out and vote.

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