What Should You Know about Google Penalties


Google penalties are the negative impact on the search rankings of the website on the updates to the search algorithms of Google and manual review. The penalties may be an unfortunate by-product of algorithm updates or an intentional penalization for different black hat SEO techniques. 

Google penalizes the websites for engaging in practices, which are against the webmaster guidelines. Such penalties can be due to manual review and algorithm updates like Google Penguin Google penalties may also result in the drop of the rankings for each site’s page for a specific page or keyword. Any drop in the rankings brings with it a major drop in the traffic of the website. To determine if the website is affected by Google penalties, the website owners may use Google Webmaster Tools and analyze the timing of the traffic drop with the timing of the Google updates.

History of Google Penalties

Google continues to update its algorithm for as long as it is fighting the organic search results’ manipulation. But, up until the 10th of May 2012, when Google launched the update for Google Penguin, a lot of people thought backlinks that are low quality wouldn’t affect their ranks negatively. While this perspective was common, it wasn’t correct as Google is applying link-based penalties for several years, yet not made it public on how the company dealt and approached with what they refer to as link spam. Since this time, there’s a wider acknowledgment regarding the dangers of a forensic analysis of the backlinks and bad SEO to make sure that there are no links that are harmful.

Link-Based Google Penalties

Generally, penalties are due to manipulative backlinks, which are basically intended to favor other companies in search results through adding links, the companies break the terms and conditions of Google. Once Google discovers those links, it imposes the penalties to discourage some companies from following the practice and to get rid of any gains that might have been enjoyed from these links. See this Youtube Video for more info

Google penalizes also those that took part in the manipulation as well as helped some companies through linking to them. Such kinds of companies are frequently low-quality directories that are listed a link to the company website with a manipulative anchor text for a particular fee. Google also urges that these pages give no value to the internet and as a result, they are often deindexed. Those links are frequently referred to as the paid links.

How to Deal with Google Penalties

Google encouraged the companies to reform their bad practices. As results, they demand that the efforts are taken to get rid of the manipulative links. Google also launched a Disavow tool on the 16th of October 2012 so people can quickly report to Google about the bad links they have. The tool was mainly in response to a lot of reports regarding negative SEO where the companies are being targeted with some manipulative links by the competitors knowing well that they’d be penalized in the end.

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