The Appeal of Donald Trump

The Appeal of Donald Trump

With the election only days away, it is still hard to try and explain the appeal of Donald Trump.  No longer just a sideshow, his personality and politics have thrust him in the center of the spotlight that is American politics.  What is his appeal, why are his campaign stops heavily attended?  Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that launched Trump to the head of the Republican pack despite being such a divisive character.

He’s an Outsider

There is no doubt Americans are sick of the political establishment and there is no doubt that Donald Trump is an anti-establishment candidate.  The surge of the Tea Party movement on the right and the Occupy Movement on the left, that both started back in 2010 outline just how dissatisfied the average person is with both parties.  His popularity may have less to do with his personal charisma and more to do with the political climate in the country.

Simple Answers

When it comes to questions about fixing the economy, immigration, foreign policy or any of the complex issues that leave the US deeply divided, Trump responds with a simplistic issue.  It doesn’t seem to matter that Trump is wrong more often than he is right it doesn’t seem to affect his popularity.  Here are some examples, on the issue of illegal immigration, build a wall.  Need to combat Muslim extremism, track all Muslims in a database.  No matter how unrealistic the answer, it is simple and given with authority.

Racism and Immigration

Many of his supporters share his views on immigration and he’s hugely popular with those who use immigrants as a convenient scapegoat for the current economic woes.  No matter how much data there is to the contrary most Trump supporters believe immigrants weaken society.  Despite more than his fair share of racist remarks along with an endorsement from the KKK his support is still unwavering.  Here is a video of some of his more racist remarks.

He Speaks His Mind

This has been one of the most common remarks when people speak of Donald Trump, his fans admire him because “he speaks his mind”.  Trump makes statements that are factually incorrect and derogatory comments have come back to haunt him.  Despite all of that he has managed to shrug them off when they would have absolutely destroyed any other candidate.  Trump comes from the world of reality television and has used that experience to manage his presidential run and so far it has worked for him.

Trying to  explain to the world the appeal of Donald Trump still leaves many wondering how he made it this far.  Despite all the remarks, the litigation and the misogynistic comments, there is still a decent chance he could become President Trump.

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